Mint+ DJ Mixes

In a variety of electronic DJ mixes that are offered via podcasts, Mixcloud or Soundcloud as streams, you can find pearls of exceptional DJs or producers* every once in a while which are breaking with the conventional and ordinary DJ mix. The drive behind their creativity is a mixture/mixtour of devotion to the musical abstraction, time for observation as well as the knowledge in dealing with technical equipment for producing or playing music. A good House Techno DJ should bravely show his musical vision and become a researcher in his own experimental laboratory of music. The DJ mix as the distinctive DNA icon. The magic which can originate from a House Techno DJ mix does not exclude romanticism and poetry. On the contrary, both are being filtered tangibly into the contents of a MINT+Techno DJ set.

elektro techno musik
Vinyl record and tractor control – my favourite equipment

“Spinning the thread, taking people with you on a journey, telling a story musically, with a touch of humour. Sometimes, it may even be a bit more stern, even hypnotic. That was always important for me from the perspective of the dancer. It affected me when the DJ pinned me to the dance floor, when he did not let me leave the dance floor at all. With the selection of my music, I wanted to create a certain energy, the WE feeling with a portion of love and passion.”

Sven Väth

Interview in Groove Magazine – digital edition October 2019

Dancefloor House Techno Music

During the last twelve months, I particularly noticed three DJ mixes of the electronic genre because of their originality and their versatility. In their mix, they differentiate the general term of electronic music into its many facets like Ambient, Dubstep, Broken Beats, and they are setting the gauge for the contemporary House Techno mix.
Enjoy reading and listening!

Kay-Uwe Lenk*DASFAX | Techno Berlin

Laurel Halo – DJ Kicks K7

In stunning 70 minutes of brilliance, Laurel Halo celebrates a futuristic electronic sound cinema. As if it was created for a fictional art film techno story. You can feel how she is immersed in struc-turing the seemingly intractable material into a oneness in her mix. She displays her versatility not only by combining unique tracks but also through transitions which are strong in contrast. Her visions are complementary and adapting to each other, and they merge into a stimulating DJ mix. She plays with the nonchalance of a master who unbelievably playfully mixes the genres of electronic music into a thrilling context. An exciting electro clash with punk style vocals is whipping the mix ahead before changing into dreamlike fabrics of sound which lead into eclectic mountains or serene valleys. The fine cuts with which she pictures her musical fascinations in many contrasts, the experimental broken beats and the electronica floating tenderly are blossoming out in equality, side by side with stoical techno music and synthesizer jazz. Laurel Halo also specifically captivates by integrating her own productions, thereby adding the distinctive Halo touch to the mix. Unheard melodies and sounds which do not allow for comparison with tracks from the past or the present are showing us a musical version of electronic music that we could be experiencing in the future much more often.

The Black Madonna

The Black Madonna plays an imaginative and moving mix from her Music-o-theque. She pumps up the set with tasty Nu and Electro Disco and also keeps the mix exciting and contrasting by the use of house music. The track listing of Black Madonna’s mix refuses any foreseeability, it rather enthralls you and takes you on a fantastic trip between discoid Remix Pop, Electronica and Art Balearic. Dreamy melodies blend into Acid House. Whether it’s the hedonistic crowd of an illegal warehouse party in Manchester or the dancers at an exclusive pool villa party of a Techno music label in the hills of San Francisco – they all let themselves be seduced by Black Madonna ́s hypnotic DJ mix until their bodies are glowing from the devotion. She spikes her mix with pearls from remix versions of pop icons Peter Gabriel and INXS without letting the theme of the mix run into the retro booth. With refinement, she transfers the listener into a time of Lost in Music and let’s you savour the perpetual moment. The tracks could also provide for a sophisticated compi-lation by Soul Jazz Records. With this brave mixing style – like with a carrot and a stick – she’s all in for a DJ mix which is rich in contrast, and she combines it with a touch of humour.

Kick your ass!

Vatican Shadow

In his mix, Vatican Shadow opens the door into the dimension which I perceive as retrofuturistic. Already the first track begins with a deep murmuring One, and seamed with spherical synthesizers, an atmo-sphere is created which I always love about electronic music and which absolutely can be compared to the first underground-like tracks of the genre from the early Eighties. Sublimely and with com-petence, Shadow takes you by the hand right from the first sounds. You glide with him through magically beautiful technoid worlds which follow their path on the foundation of deeply driving Kick & Bass lines and which lead the crowd incessantly into the center of the sound system. He taps into musical fountains of per-ception which bring tears of joy to the eyes of both dancers and sound-lovers.

90 Tracks in a continuously suspense-packed 90 minute DJ mix which newly evokes the Space Age. One never gets the impression at any point of the mix to be suffocating from the plenitude of details. The mix is airy and driving at the same time. A number of tracks by the Industrial pioneer Genesis Breyer P-Orridge are discreetly imple-mented throughout the entire length of the mix and offer the con-clusion that Vatican Shadow is arranging at least three or four tracks simultaneously to let a new Techno track emerge. What’s more, Techno tracks of F.U.S.E. or Silent Servant are also responsible for the brilliant point-wise experience of the DJ mix. In the track listing of Shadow, tracks of this kind are functioning like boosters of happi-ness and provide for an uncontrolled output of testosterone. During the final quarter of the mix, Vatican Shadow delicately transforms its dynamics from Techno music to break-like electronica and releases the tension with spherical ambient music. He prudently leads you back to a gate which will leave you with your own new dimension for dreaming and letting the experience come to effect.

With these mixes, Vatican Shadow, Laurel Halo and Black Madonna have created – each in their own unique way – timeless masterpieces of the electronic music genre. The arc of suspense which is so
important for a DJ mix does not only relate to the interplay of single tracks from different electronic genres but also to the mastery of how to balance the versatility that has developed in electronic music during the last forty years.

Kay-Uwe Lenk*DASFAX | Techno Berlin