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Kay-Uwe Lenk alias DASFAX

My love for electronic music began during the mid80s. In the Techno and House music clubs of Germany, eclectic musical currents developed, and the sound which influenced me most came from Berlin, Detroit and the UK. This sound is still playing a major role in my current DJ sets.

Techno House DJ
DASFAX | electronic music dj and producer from Berlin / Friedrichshain

The master keywords of my DJ mixes are Techno and House music, but they also include influences from other kinds of electronic music such as Dub, Broken Beat, Ambient, Post Trance and Nu Disco. The challenge for me is to take the listener or the dancers on a musical journey that leads across arcs of suspense from monotony over seduction to happiness – and to reward their attention with a compliment at the finish.

Kay-Uwe Lenk *DASFAX | Techno Berlin

Techno und House Music – DJ Sets by DASFAX