Summer in Berlin


This summer presents Berlin with very serious challenges, due to the regulations against the spreading of the Corona virus. Until recently, it was not predictable whether clubs and other organizers would be able to open outdoor spaces to the public at all. But now, after some of the Corona prevention measures have been lightened, a regulated club operation can take place at outdoor spaces and also indoors in correspondingly large rooms with a limited number of persons when there is sufficient ventilation. Art and music can be enjoyed and celebrated once again. Unfortunately, dance events at indoor spaces are still prohibited.

Numerous organizers and club locations have upgraded their outdoor areas for running their operations so that they can offer small open air gigs in a chill-out garden atmosphere for audiences of a limited number – the known rules of distance and hygiene are mandatory, of course. After the enacted interruption, club operations can now resume their normal activities to some extent at least, employees are allowed to return to their places of work, and DJs can finally play their music once again for and in front of a live audience. Unfortunately, club operators who do not have outside spaces are left behind.

Sound installation in the Techno Club
Last minute: The sound installation „eleven songs“ by TAMTAM is taking place in the Halle am Berghain (until 2nd of August).

And while you are at Berghain, a visit of the Rüdersdorfer Bierhof is of course highly recommended. On Fridays and Saturdays, Resident DJs are playing inconspicuous yet neat little sets in the Biergarten (beer garden) area.

Rummelsburg-Berlin, Rummelsburger Landstraße 2-12, 12459 Berlin

Klunkerkranich, Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12053 Berlin – Neukölln

Bierhof Rüdersdorf (am Berghain), Rüdersdorfer Straße 70, 10243 Berlin

About Blank, Markgrafendamm 24c, Berlin 10245 

Wilde Renate Biergarten, Alt-Stralau 70, 10245 Berlin

Sisyphos, Hauptstraße 15, 10317 Berlin 

Mörchenpark E.V. , Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin

All through August, Vattenfall is hosting an open air program for the whole family in the outside areas of the power plant in Köpenicker Straße – right where the Techno club Tresor is located as well. During this summer, the Kultur-Kraftwerk (Culture Power Plant) provides a stage for artists who have been hit particularly hard by the Corona crisis – all Berliners are invited to enjoy the open air events in a relaxed atmosphere or to become active participants themselves. The whole event is free of charge and free of CO2. It is required to register online for these events, since only a limited number of persons can be allowed in:

Culture KRAFTWERK Open Air free of charge and fossil-free

Another Highlight: The About Blank offers gastronomical services and DJ performances in their exuberantly vegetated garden. Beginning in August, the extravaganza Pornceptual & Buttons x ://About Blank Garden: Moving Forward takes place on weekends. The event is heralded with the following announcement:

After four months of adapting to our new reality, Pornceptual & Buttons join forces in moving forward and exploring the unknown. Despite the fear and the challenges of the times we are living in, we are looking forward to gathering again at the garden of ://about blank for a weekend of togetherness, community and arts. How long will this go on? How do we reinvent ourselves as party collectives? How far are we able to support our artists? Following social distancing rules, you will be able to visit several stations throughout the garden made by different queer performers, installation artists, musicians and filmmakers. A multisensorial tour that will take you back to what we have all been missing: being together in one space. In this time of crisis and isolation, the role of art becomes more central to our lives: “Moving Forward” explores the various challenges faced by the queer community during the pandemic. We have been moved inward, to the vast inner space of our thoughts and imagination, a place we have perhaps neglected. Furthermore, this experience dives into the idea that embracing unity is the only right way ahead into the future. Join us in this experience and let art set you free.“


Event of Pornceptual and Buttons
Multi-sensory tour: Moving Forward – in the About Blank

Berlin wouldn’t be Berlin if there wasn’t already a scene which celebrates its secret happenings in the underground. The phenomenon of the illegal outdoor rave already flourished in England during the period of the Second Summer of Love by the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s which was the heyday of Acid House and the dawning of Techno. Raving in the meadow or in abandoned industrial areas or warehouses was outlawed by the British government, and party organizers were sentenced to drastic penalties.

Now, in the year 2020, the electronic music underground of Berlin has been drawing new energy from the shutdown of indoor events which was due to the Corona crisis. From the meadows of the park area Neuköllner Hasenheide to the hidden vaults of Torstraße, from the raves at the edge of the city to the countless parties in private apartments – after several months of watching and waiting, people are beginning to party again. Information is exchanged in the same ways as in the early days of the Berlin Techno culture of the 90s.

Open air party scene

However great the longing in many of us for the cherished togetherness on the dance floor may be, the risk which these „uncontrolled“ parties could bring is much more significant, unfortunately. A second wave of infections is feared, and despite heavy research, there is still no vaccine at hand that can counter the virus. Add to this the long-awaited return of foreign travel and tourism which not only brings life to the city but also increases the danger of spreading the Covid-19 virus. This leaves people with leaden uneasiness and is also causing annoyance among politicians and local residents.

Mouth and face protection against the spread of Covid 19

Eras with prohibitions or restrictions on music and party culture have always been the matrix for new ideas. With all its multicultural lifelines, there is seething unrest in the Berlin underground. Hopefully, exciting party concepts will make the leap into legality from the current exceptional situation. A lot will change, we will surely miss a lot of things. But the necessary changes could also have the result that some of the arbitrary and purely commercial club operations will enrich the city with more sophisticated club evenings in the future. Concentrating again on the subcultural structures within the city does have its charms – especially when the scene of local musicians, DJs and artists is strengthened.

Go clubbing – go protected!