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With this website, I would like to invite you to dive into the cosmos of Techno in Berlin. Berlin Techno culture has evolved into the hallmark for which the city is appreciated so much among other things. The Berlin Techno scene is based on character traits like versatility, creativity, tolerance and solidarity. And the gaze of the scene is bravely directed towards the future.

Techno Berlin is based on the foundation of the visions and achievements of those who followed their human sentience and created that Techno terrain in Berlin which has been captivating the Techno music fans from all over the world – today as much as then, thirty years ago at the beginning. Because before the corona virus came week after week, many thousands of lovers of electronic music enter the Techno Freespace Berlin to separate themselves from the framework of the static daily grind and to celebrate this incredible moment of happiness with friends and kindred spirits.

Multimedia installation on the Techno Club theme
Light and sound installation DEEP WEB in the Kraftwerk Berlin

The current Zeitgeist of electronic music culture and hedonistic lifestyle is not only determined by well- established landmarks of Berlin Techno clubs such as Tresor, Berghain, Kater Blau or KitKat Club, but also numerous new clubs have been established in the last ten years due to an idiosyncratic politically motivated DNA. Techno clubs like About Blank, Griessmuehle or the Wilde Renate represent the way of thinking and acting of a new generation. These clubs know how to stand up against social and populist problems or to stand up against environmental problems.

For tolerance and versatility
Demonstration against racism and populism in Berlin Mitte on October 3, 2019

It is necessary to stand up for the values of the Techno movement and to honor them. We all know why the experience in the Techno club is an asset which unfortunately can be endangered even in times of democracy, especially when more and more people of intelligence are letting themselves be influenced negatively through regressive content by populists and notorious tolerance objectors.

For the preservation of techno clubs and music culture
The strong partner and agent of the Berlin clubs

Parallel to this development, supporters, mediators and mobilizers of Techno clubs have established themselves in the electronic music culture of Berlin. The cultural policy of the city is in the process of
cultivating the specifics of Berlin and is in active exchange with the Clubkommission, the strong partner of the clubs supporting them in regard to issues such as club extrusion, noise protection, conflicts with residents concerning utilization or populism. Especially the last few months have been very turbulent in Berlin, and the Club-kommission has particularly established itself as a mediator because of its commitment. Small initiatives such as the RCC (Reclaim Club Culture) or the TVR (TanzVersammlungRosenthaler – Tanzen gegen Rechts / Rosenthaler Dance Meeting – Dancing Against The Right) are supporting and mobilizing the scene with their actions and deeds. They show once more that Techno in Berlin is political.

Techno in Berlin
Techno Berlin – freedom, versatility, tolerance, unity

They all show the solidarity that has strengthened the Techno clubs and the Techno scene in recent years. They also show that the liberal values of the Techno movement are not only based on the excessive club experience, but also deserve an update of their status since the Techno Club in Berlin should be socially classified as a cultural site and not as an entertainment venue. A space in the heart of Berlin which will continue to offer a permanent place for the acts of creation, the created works of art and the stimuli for confrontation.

Techno in Berlin is home to a large number of Techno DJs and producers, and the Techno sound from Berlin is also reflected as a seal of quality in many important places around the world where Techno music finds its stage. Techno labels such as Seilscheiben-pfeiler, K7, Ostgut-Ton or Tresor Records – to name just a small number of popular examples – focus on the listening experience of futuristic sounds. With their releases, they illustrate the genre of electronic music made in Berlin as groundbreaking and diversified.

In addition to Techno music produced in Berlin, organizers of all shades are also entering the melting pot of the Techno cosmos with thrilling concepts. They form a symbiosis with existing clubs, enriching the Berlin Techno terrain with another style-forming element. Sometimes, organizers adapt their party concepts from their respective home country in Berlin very successfully and adjust them here to the next level. Whether in the areas of Fetish, Retro or LGBTQ – the Berlin Techno party scene includes pathbreaking events which are dedicated to a sexually open-minded community, equality as well as the respectful and tolerant interaction with each other.

The techno lemon
Techno is like a lemon. Not everyone likes it. But makes you alive.

Fundamental party dinosaurs from the Techno history of Berlin, alongside label or motto parties, represent the wild rampant side of the Techno horizon in Berlin. They are bringing the young scene which has become rather uniform in recent years into a turmoil. Especially the first generation of the Techno movement clearly demonstrates here the intense enthusiasm which underlies the sense of community on the dance floor and which is not only directed towards the DJ as the central element (as it would be the case for example at a concert).

Talk about club fashion! Various weblogs from Germany and abroad describe a monotonous look which is supposed to help you enter a club in Berlin. Although the Techno disciple masters himself from caterpillar to butterfly after the successful admission, the uniform look at Berlin club doors which is mostly brought about by Techno tourists is to some extent a tiresome scenario.

the fashion styles of techno fans
We appeal again to originality, ingenuity and the courage to generate techno looks in Berlin from the soul and the desire to experiment.

If the blood of a club fashion victim (influencer) is pumping through your veins and your DNA is not merely subject to the security code black, then you definitely are at the right site here at Techno Berlin. So go for it! Get in contact with us. Once again, we call upon the originality, the ingenuity and the courage to generate Techno looks in Berlin which come from the soul and the desire to experiment. Whether it’s Retro clubwear, Fetish style, Hypebeast look – we take a look around, we look at you!

All this is Techno in Berlin, and this is what moves the universe of Techno Berlin – freedom, versatility, tolerance and solidarity.

Kay-Uwe Lenk *DASFAX | Techno Berlin